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Our Pastors 

 Pastor Wade O’Neal, Jr. 

Is senior pastor and co-founder of the House of Refuge Ministries in 1995, The church later was named: Love Family Worship Center. Pastor/Dr. Wade was ordained by Agape International Ministries, by LeSea Ministries and by Dr. I. V. Hilliard, Pastor of New Light Church in Houston, Texas. Dr. Philip Goudeaux currently serves as covering for Pastors Wade & Shirley O' Neal and the House of Refuge Ministries, Love Family Worship Center. Pastors Wade and Shirley most recently received their Doctorate Degrees from the H. E. Wood Bible Institute & Theological Seminary. Pastor Wade received his Doctorate of Divinity, and Pastor Shirley received her Doctorate of Humanities, both in 2013. And they are currently working on a second doctorate, which they will receive this year. 

Pastor Wade and his wife Shirley have been married for 45 years and have served as Pastors of House of Refuge Ministries, and Love Family Worship Center for over 20 years.  He has worked in ministry for over 55 years.  Pastor Wade holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering, from Prairie View A & M University. He accepted the Lord as his personal Savior at the age of 13 and is a Spirit Filled, born again believer. Pastor Wade is a powerful/anointed speaker. They hosted a local 30—minute T. V. Program, “Victory is Mine”. weekly for over 7 years. They have appeared on local Radio and TV Stations, and other venues spreading the Love of Jesus, and winning lost souls to Jesus Christ. 
Their ministry is a Full-Gospel, Word and Non-Denominational Ministry. Their vision is “To Spread the Love of Jesus throughout the community, and throughout the world through their Love Walk”. They love the Lord and are totally committed to Jesus Christ and the Work of the Ministry. Pastor Wade and his wife, Shirley have one son, who is married, who both are also ordained ministers and both work as Assistant Pastors in the Dallas area. Their Son, and Daughter-in-law, both hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration, Theology, Biology, and Education. 
Shirley has produced a CD project “Intimate Praise to Jesus”, which is available for internet download on this website. 

Co-Pastor/Dr. Shirley O’Neal 
Serves as a Pastor of the House of Refuge Ministries and Love Family Worship Center. She accepted the Lord as her personal Savior and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at 9 years of age. She was also ordained by Agape International Ministries, LeSea International Ministries in 2003 and was ordained by Dr. I. V. Hilliard, Pastor of New Light Church in Houston, Texas. She has worked in ministry most of her life since age 7. She has served as a pastor for 21 years and has worked in ministry for over 55 years. She is a spirit filled, born again believer and truly loves the Lord. 

Shirley is a graduate of the University of Texas, Arlington, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Foreign Languages (French) and English. She recently received her Doctorate of Humanities Degree from the H. E. Wood Bible Institute & Theological Seminary. She has produced a CD Project, “Intimate Praise to Jesus”, and is currently working on another CD project. She ministers in song in San Antonio and surrounding communities. She is a talented musician, and an anointed worship leader/singer and speaker. She is a retired Civil Service Employee with 25 years of Federal Service. She hosted a 30 minute TV Bible Teaching Program for over 7 years. Many viewers have received the Lord as their Savior through this weekly telecast. 
Pastors Shirley and Wade have one son, a beautiful daughter-in-law and grand daughter, who both worked in ministry with them for over 12 years. They are both college graduates and hold undergraduate and graduate degrees. They currently serve as Assistant Pastors in a ministry in the Dallas area.
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